Garbear Fitness - Fit Tips, Health Information & MORE! 🐻

Garbear Fitness - Fit Tips, Health Information & MORE! 🐻

Hey Fitfam!, 

We have had an abundance of prior clients as well as product purchasers ask about fit tips and things like that. We would like to let you know that Garbear Fitness has fit tips all over:


💻 Garbear Fitness Membership - For a small 120$ 1-time payment, you get access to 12 videos discussing fitness and health, 12 videos discussing life topics, a FREE original fitted T shirt of your size and choice color, and access to all of this content for 1 YEAR! 

📕 Garbear’s Guide to Proper Nutrition - This book was written for ease of access for the new health enthusiast or someone looking to tune (not just turn, but tune) more into their own bodies. 
From tracking macros to understanding the pros and cons of different types of fad diets of today, to learning how to measure positive changes in your body without using the scale. This was one of the best guides on the internet, breaking down all of these things in easy-to-understand reading! 
a phenomenal spend for under 30$. 

📕📗Garbear’s 9 Week Program’s Vol. 1 & 2 - Both of these programs were designed for the medium level and/or advanced lifter to not just challenge their current day to day training systems, but to change each week completely so by time they’re done, they’d have a ton of new training strategies to add to their own programs! 

📘 Garbear’s Elite Program - TBA: This program is the final program in the 3 volume workout guides, and has yet to be completed. 

🎥 Consultations  - The consultations were designed to have video chat face - to - face talks discussing and personalizing your current diet and/or exercise programs, If you were looking for modifications to things you were currently doing ONLY. 

*Please see Condulatorio  Contact Tab for more information* 

🕺🏿💃🏽👟📝 Personal Training - We saved this for last, as this one can get complex. The idea of personal training for Garbear Fitness was not just designed to get you on a pre made structured program and sent on your way. 
This choice was designed to detail everything down to your specifications, each and every one of you. 

This included suggestions on supplementation, stretches, daily food choices, along with adjustments from prior training, notes, tips, specifications, video and photo attachments and more! 

*Please see Personal Training Contact Tab for more information* 

💡FREE FIT TIPS - Garbear Fitness, for the past few years has dropped free tips all over the web via Instagram posts, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, and blog tabs on this website! Make sure you utilize them As there are a TON to help you on the Know-and-Grow!


We wanted to list you a plethora of options you have to continue learning and growing as a healthy individual! Don’t worry, we’ve got even more coming soon! 


- Garbear Fitness & Garbear Fitness CEO

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