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Garbear Fitness

Garbear Fitness Membership - 1 Year Subscription |

Garbear Fitness Membership - 1 Year Subscription |

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Garbear Fitness has created an E-learning program to inspire those looking to begin their journey in the fitness world and in life. From balancing their goals, to changing their gym strategies, all will walk away with a clearer insight on moving forward. The E- Learning Membership Platform will follow the P.I.E.M Method (Proper Information, Properly Educated, Properly Motivated)

"Through Proper Information, one will be Properly Educated, and in turn, be Properly Motivated to pursue ones goals". This method was designed by Garrett Watson in order to accelerate a drive to self-educate and discover what works for someone and what doesn't. As the saying goes "If You give a man a fish, you will feed him for a day. If you teach him how to fish, you will feed him for a Lifetime". 


⦁ 24 Web Series Videos:

     -12 Technical/Fitness Talks

     -12 Life/Motivational Talks

⦁ Exclusive Chat Section/Message Board for members to share their journey with each other

 Filmed in 4K. Videos are available for unlimited watch. Semester 2 opens

⦁ 1 FREE Original T-shirt (Shipping and Handling Included - a $35.00 value). 


The page to these videos will be password encrypted, so without the password no one will have access to these videos except the members who have paid for this service.

Please list your correct Emailing Address in the Purchase Notes to receive your Password for entry to the Video Section. (Please also keep your password safe).

Please list Size, Color and Correct Delivery Address in Purchase Notes. *Selections from "Garbear Fitness Original T-Shirt" ONLY.

Videos will be accessible unlimited times throughout the entire year since membership is paid upfront in full. 

If you prefer 1 on 1 assistance, please refer to the "Personal Training" Tab in the Menu Bar.

* Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your password once purchased. 

* The Membership Platform is a 1 time NON-Refundable, Non-Negotiable Payment of $120.00. Subscription lasts until January, 1st 2022. Purchase of this item adheres to these regulations. 


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