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Garbear's Guide to Proper Nutrition - Nutrition Guide

Garbear's Guide to Proper Nutrition - Nutrition Guide

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From typical fad diets, to learning how carbs proteins and fats all have unique individual functions in the body, to tracking macros, balancing foods you enjoy, and more, this 25 page guide will teach you the basics on how to eat, plus some!

-Excerpt from Chapter 1 - What does Dieting and Proper Nutrition mean for You?-

The brain is the most powerful muscle in the body next to the human heart. the brain consumes up to 20% of the energy used by the body. no other single organ consumes so much energy. the brain is 60% fat, but relies upon glucose for fuel to operate properly. but what is glucose and where do we get it from? your body breaks down and metabolizes carbs into the simplest form of energy the human body can use, which is what we know as glucose.

Carbohydrates are usually classified as two different categories. first are “simple carbohydrates” and are found in fruits and fruit juices, honey, and high fructose corn syrup. simple carbohydrates convert into their most basic form, a monosaccharide (monosaccharide is the simplest form of carbohydrate and cannot be further broken down.). monosaccharides can be joined together and form the second type of carbohydrates, “complex carbohydrate.” complex carbohydrates convert into polysaccharides which are more complex forms of sugar. the more complex the sugar, the more the body must work to break them down into usable forms of fuel....

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