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Garbear Fitness

Garbear Fitness - 9 Week Training Program | Vol. 1

Garbear Fitness - 9 Week Training Program | Vol. 1

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This program contains 9 weeks of pure strength building and aesthetic muscle sculpting. it is recommended for people with intermediate to advanced discipline in working out. garbear's 9 week training program was not only designed to push those who have plateaued further than they have ever gone before, but to also educate those who are looking for more. 


Multiple training methods + principles 

Pictures for the more advanced exercises

Changes each week to keep your body continuously guessing and in a state of anabolism

Detailed notes to keep you safe thru your training programs, and of course, to further your education. 

 ** Remember, as important training is, it is not complete without a proper diet. Be sure to check out Garbear's Guide to Proper Nutrition as well!

 This guide is a downloadable pdf and/or excel file. the file will be sent to the email used for payment, unless specified in confirmation notes to be sent to another email. Pdf and excel files, once purchased, are non-refundable. Please allow up to 24 hours for this file to reach your email. for any comments, questions, or concerns about this product, please email

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